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Blues, Desert & Soul

blues, desert & soul is not just about art. it’s about people.

Blues, Desert & Soul is currently an Arizona-based, online store that is dreaming of landing an Old Town Scottsdale store front. For us, it’s not just about sales, it’s about establishing a connection to people through lifestyle, music and nostalgia -- all while chatting over the counter and listening to the BLUES stream through the speakers. Sure, you have your own music on now, but we have dreams....
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our story.

Blues, Desert & Soul is one of three art galleries and shops created by solo artist Brian Banash. Brian's collection features an estimated 3,000 different illustrations depicting popular musicians, prominent landmarks and local attractions. Each piece is originally hand drawn then painted and illustrated to create a rich, intriguing, conversation piece. The cartoon-like “Banash Style” is brought to life by vibrant colors, stylistic interpretations, and a familiarity of content. Banash uses Giclee printing methods, which is a technology for fine art reproduction, that uses a high-quality inkjet printer to make individual copies at high resolution, producing the appearance of an original print. Our art galleries offer affordable art; available on archival quality paper, canvas and birch wood. We also offer customization of all artworks, giving clientele numerous content, size and medium options. Our galleries offer other branded merchandise as well, including t-shirts, hats, postcards and stickers. The creative works of Brian Banash are also displayed and sold at our affiliate galleries; Blues, Mountain & Soul located in Durango, Colorado, as well as Blues, Surf & Soul where the art is exhibited throughout appointed locations in Southern California and Hawaii.
“Coolest products I've seen a long time” — Ben P.
“My JLH Boogie Man canvas looks fantastic -- it's a conversation piece!” — Michelle P.
“Great quality, unique t-shirts.” — Trevor H.

meet brian.

My name is Brian Banash – artist, surfer, & music enthusiast. I am a born and raised California native. The inspiration behind my work reveals my appetite for adventure and fondness for nostalgia. You will recognize the influence of the coastal lifestyle of California and Hawaii in my art. After graduating with a degree in graphic design and illustration, I have spent 20 plus years traveling, meeting people and producing art. After a lifetime of creating art to be sold out of the back of my truck, I found a team of people who recognized the value in what I was creating. I am humbled to have been given the opportunity to share the accumulation of my work with a larger audience. I am eager to continue creating works that others can appreciate and relate to.
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Want something different than you see here? Commissions, customizations and other graphic design options are available. Contact Brian directly.
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